You are currently viewing 14o Διεθνές Φοιτητικό Βυρωνικό Συνέδριο, Ομιλίες Φοιτητών και Καθηγητών

14o Διεθνές Φοιτητικό Βυρωνικό Συνέδριο, Ομιλίες Φοιτητών και Καθηγητών

Φοιτητικού Βυρωνικού Συνεδρίου 20-25 Μαΐου 2019
The Academic Programme started at the Byron House on Tuesday May 21st and lasted until Thursday May 23rd, including two Keynote lectures from Professor Andrew Stauffer and Professor Roderick Beaton. You can read the whole Academic Programme of Papers and Lectures.



17:30 Welcome addresses. Papers at the Byron House

18:00-19:00 Keynote lecture in the Byron House: Introduced by Peter Graham, the keynote lecturer Professor Andrew Stauffer, University of Virginia, will speak on “Byron at Waterloo”

19:00-19:30 Coffee break

Session one: 19:30-20:30
Chair: Naji Oueijan

1. Professor John Spalding Gatton, Emeritus, Bellarmine University,USA
“’scenes of vanish’d war’: Battlefields as Byronic Performance”

2. Dr. Stephen Minta, York University UK, “Byron and Napoleon”

WEDNESDAY 22 May 2019

Papers at the Byron House

Session two: 10:00-11:30
Chair: Dr. Stephen Minta

1. Maria Sfeir, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
“The Orient Fights Back: The Victory of the Feminine East over the Masculine West”

2. Amelia Dirks, Bath Spa University, UK
“’Mad, bad, and dangerous to know’: The Byronic Hero as Interpreted by Caroline Lamb”

3. Hou Kaiwen, King’s College London
“Doubt and Murder: Cain’s Humanistic Liberation”

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

Session three: 12:00-13:30
Chair: Andrew Stauffer

1. Katie Smith, York University, UK
“Revolution Abroad: Tracing the Influence of Rousseau in Byron’s Politics”

2. Professor Naji Oueijan, Notre Dame University Lebanon
“Lord Byron, America, and the Americans”

3. Jack Furth, Virginia Tech, USA
“Jonathan P. Miller: American Revolutionary, Abolitionist, and Byronic Philhellene”

19:00 Keynote at the Chamber of the City Council; Introduced by Professor Peter Graham, Director for International Relations of the Messolonghi Byron Center.

Professor Roderick Beaton, Emeritus, King’s College London, will deliver a lecture in Greek for the local citizens.
“Lord Byron and the Greek Revolution: From Legend to Political Reality”

THURSDAY 23 May 2019

Papers at the Byron House

Session Four: 10:30 – 12:00
Chair: John Spalding Gatton

1. Samantha Crain, University of Minnesota, USA
“Poetic Experimentation and Political Exile: Departures and Innovations in Byron’s Prophecy of Dante’’

2. Michael Damyanovich, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
“The Historicity of Byron’s Marino Faliero in Risorgimento Venice”

3. Professor Roderick Beaton, King’s College London
“From Italy to Greece: How Byron Became a Revolutionary at Last”

12:00-12:30 Coffee break

Session Five: 12:30- 14:30
Chair: Roderick Beaton

1. Eleonora Colli, King’s College London
“Voices of the Past: Unity and Fragmentation in ‘The Isles of Greece’”

2. Professor William Davis, Colorado College, USA
“”’Loveliness in Death’”: Byron and the Reanimation of Greece”

3. Rita Farah, Notre Dame University Lebanon
“Lord Byron and Greece: Liberation of Self”

4. Lara Ballout, Notre Dame University Lebanon
“In Greece and For Greece”


Professor Peter W. Graham, Director of International Relations for the Messolonghi Byron Center.

Professor Roderick Beaton, Director of Hellenic Studies for the Messolonghi Byron Center.

Professor Naji Oueijan, Joint President of the IABS.

Mrs. Rodanthi (Rosa) Florou, President of the Messolonghi Byron Society, Chair of the Organizing Committee.