A selection of documents from the John Murray Archive

Lord Byron and Greece
A selection of documents from the John Murray Archive
National Library of Scotland

● Manuscript of Lord Byron’s Greek phrasebook
1809-10 NLS reference Ms.43349

● Letter from William Smith of the London Greek Committee, to Lord Byron
8 Mar 1823 NLS reference Ms.43530

● Manuscript by Lord Byron of Aristomenes
Canto First, 20 Sep 1823

● Letter to Douglas Kinnaird from Lord Byron
9 Feb 1824 Marchand, volume 11, p.110 and NLS reference Ms.43454

● Manuscript of Lord Byron’s last journal
the ‘Cephalonia Journal’, Sep 1823 – Feb 1824 NLS reference Ms.43353

● Letter from Prince Alexander Mavrocordatos to Lord Byron
18 Apr 1824 NLS reference Ms.43652

● Commission giving Lord Byron charge of a group of artillery signed by Alexander Mavrocordatos
1824 NLS reference Ms.43519

● Letter from Dr Julius Milligen to Sir John Bowring
27 Apr 1824 NLS reference Ms.43531

● Greek notice on death of Byron
1824 NLS reference Ms.43551

● Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Eulogy on Byron’
Published in Thomas Moore’s The Life and Writings of Lord Byron (1824) pp.675-678 & 753-756

● Translation of the funeral oration delivered in Greek by M Spyridion Tricoupi at Missolonghi … in honour of the late Lord Byron
reprinted 1836 NLS reference Ms.43551

● Letter from George Seferiadis to John ‘Jock’ Murray VI
22 May 1863 with extract of Greek edition of The Giaour with Lexicon, 1842 NLS reference Acc.12604/387 and Ms.43398