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The Messolonghi Byron Society

Competition for students from General & Vocational High-Schools

Invitation to the competition for students from General and Vocational High-Schools in the Aetolia-Acarnania Region

The Messolonghi Byron Society, under its program for 2014, and in order to celebrate the 190th anniversary of Lord Byron’s death in Messolonghi on 19 April 1824, announces an essay-writing contest for high school students of the Aetolia-Acarnania Region on the topic: ““Lord Byron: Poet and Hero””.

The essays should be written by students at home and delivered to the headmasters of their high-schools by Friday, 7 February 2014Papers, which should be 600 words in length, must be typed on a computer using the font Times New Roman 14 and single spaced.

Principals of high-schools, after they have collected each students’ information, are requested to transmit the essays to the Directorate of Secondary Education by Friday, 14 February 2014.

Students will be awarded at a special ceremony at The Messolonghi Byron Society, which will take place in Messolonghi in March 2014. Professors from foreign universities will be attending the ceremony. Three best papers will be awarded:

1st prize: 500 euros

2nd prize: 300 euros

3rd prize: 200 euros

The jury of the contest is composed of Literature professors: Ms. Zavitsanaki Elena, Ms. Charalampopoulou Polyxeni, Ms. Giannakogeorgou Olga, and Ms. Liapikou Diamanto. For The Messolonghi Byron Society President Rodanthi-Rosa Florou