Research Center

The Messolonghi Byron Research Center is a library dedicated to the scholarship of Lord Byron and other Romantic Era poets. The center has a growing library of 2000 books in English and Greek, devoted to critical theory, letters, poetry, and many other textual sources. Scholars, students, and enthusiasts are encouraged to use the extensive resources of the library while visiting the historical places of Lord Byron’s last days. Messolonghi, Greece is a convenient three hour bus trip from Athens, Greece. This includes a scenic trip on the Peloponnesian peninsula and the new suspension bridge “Harilaos Trikoupis” connecting Rio and Antirio. The area is rich with historic and academic treasures and is a wonderful place to study Byron and Greece.

If you are a scholar or a student and you would like to use the Messolonghi Byron Research Center, please contact Rodanthi-Rosa  Floroufor details on available resources and arranging a visit. Please visit this website again to see developments regarding the Messolonghi Electronic Library and Digital Archive Project, or M.E.L., an on-line source for textual and digital materials devoted to early nineteenth century critical theory on Lord Byron and other Romantic Era poets.

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