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The Academic Programme of the 13th ISBC 2018

Papers in the BYRON HOUSE
17:30 Welcome addresses

Session One 18: 00- 19: 00
Chair: Stephen Minta

1. Professor Naji Oueijan, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
“The Byron Myth: On the Borderline of Fact and Fiction”

2. Professor Peter Graham, Virginia Tech, USA
“Half-Real Heroes: Byron’s Don Juan, Eminem’s ‘The Calm before the Storm,” and the Fictions of Improvisation”

19:00 – 19:30 Coffee break

Session Two 19:30- 20:30
Chair: Alice Levine

1. Dr. Emily Paterson-Morgan
“How self-deceitful is the sagest part.” Byron, Balzac, and the Fictions of the Mind

2. Professor John Spalding Gatton, Bellarmine University, USA
“’Fiction—taught to look like fact’: Byron—Factual and Fictional—in Stoppard’s Arcadia

Papers in the Byron House.

Session Three 10:00-12:00
Chair: Naji Oueijan

1. Ghina Awdi, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
“The Existential Byronic Hero in Cain: a Mystery and Sartre’s The Flies”

2. Daniel Kennedy, Virginia Tech, USA
“The Byronic Hero in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian”

3. Samantha Crain, Minnesota University, USA
“Byron’s and Shelley’s Influences on Wuthering Heights”

4. George Neame, University of York, U.K
“Representations of Childe Harold in Moby Dick and The Screwtape Letters”

18:30 – 20:30 The Official Ceremony starts at Theoxenia Hotel; Introduced by Professor Peter Graham, Director of International Relations for the Messolonghi Byron Center.

Two Keynote speakers will deliver their lectures related to the conference topic.

-Professor Benjamin Markovits, Royal Holloway College, University of London. “Byron in 1818”

-Professor Emerita Alice Levine, Hofstra University, New York.
“What Did Byron Have against Fiction?”

The Ceremony will end with a Gala dinner in the Ball Room of the Theoxenia Hotel.

THURSDAY 24 May 2018
Papers in the Byron House

Session Four 18:30-20:00
Chair: John Spalding Gatton

1. Yara Baz, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
“Lord Byron: Fictionalizing Nature”

2. Professor Roderick Beaton, King’s College London, U.K
“Byron and Frankenstein 200 Years On”

3. Dr Stephen Minta, University of York, U.K
“Visions of Greece: Byron and Anastasius”

Professor Peter W. Graham, Director of International Relations for the Messolonghi Byron Center

Professor Naji Oueijan, Joint President of the IABS

Mrs. Rodanthi-Rosa Florou, President of the Organizing Committee