4th Student Conference Sessions

WEDNESDAY May 18 2005 – Papers in the Byron House
Session One 10:00-11:30am

Chair, Professor Peter W. Graham, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Director of International Relations of the Messolonghi Byron Center
1. Shannon Heath, Concord College U.S “Manfred’s Byronic Hero and the Epic of Self”

2. Jeffrey Koelemay, Virginia Tech U.S “Deific Disaffection: A Hero’s Last Gasp
3. Dr. Vangelis Politis, Vice President, Advanced Technological Educational Institution of Messolonghi “Landscape in Byron’s thought and life”
4. Professor Peter W. Graham ” Byron, Odysseos, Nostos, and Nostalgia”

11:30-12am Coffee

Session Two 12:00-13:00 pm
Chair, Professor Andrew Hubbell, Susquehanna University U.S
5. Justine Rumbel, Susquehanna University “Don Juan: Byron’s Commercial Odyssey”

6. Elaine Wood, Susquehanna University “Separating God from Man: Heroic Identity in Don Juan and The Odyssey
7. Charlene Reidy, Susquehanna University “Rejecting the ‘Uncommon Want’: Outdating of the Hero from Homer to Byron”

13:30-2:30 pm Lunch at the Theoxenia Hotel

17:00-17:30 Coffee in the Byron House 

THURSDAY 19 May 2005, Papers in the Byron House
Session Three 09:00-10:00am

Chair, Professor Jonathan Gross, DePaul University U.S
8. Jena Hencin, DePaul University “Byron’s ‘Prometheus’ and Blake’s ‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion'”

9. Kimberly Puchalski, DePaul University “Byron and Blake: Homeric and Mental Travelers”
10. Professor Jonathan Gross ” The Wound of Philoctetes and the Scar of Odysseus: Jefferson, Byron, Clinton”

10:00-10:15am Coffee

Session Four 10:15-11:30 am
Chair: Professor M. Byron Raizis, Athens University
11. Michael Edson, University of Delaware U.S ” Walking, Treading, Plodding:Byron on the Move”

12. Dr. A. I. Protopapas, Athens University “Riding and Deliberating Galloping: Physical Aspects in the Traveling Urge of Byron and Shelley”
13. Mrs. Loula Alexandropoulou, Historian, ex. Principal of Messolonghi’s High School “Messolonghi’s Major Area in Byron’s Time” 

FRIDAY 20 May 2005, Papers in the Byron House
Session Five 09:00-10:30 am

Chair: Dr. Peter Cochran, University of Liverpool, UK
14. Svetlana Klimova, Cambridge University, UK “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage: The Concept of the Way”

15. Dr. Stephen Wilkerson, Pacifica University U.S “Hephaestus Goes on Vacation: Byron and Homer’s Reluctant Traveler”
16. Dr. Peter Cochran “Feasting in Byron and Homer”

SATURDAY 21 May 2005, Papers in the Byron House
Session Six 18:00-19:30 pm

Chair, Professor Naji Oueijan, Notre Dame University of Lebanon
17. Meredith Miller, Princeton University and James Graham, University of Virginia “Site Seeing: The Maps and Legends of Byron and Homer”

18. Valerie Aoun, Notre Dame University of Lebanon “Homer and Byron: An Iconographic Journey from Hades to the Gates of the Exalted Self”
19. Professor Naji Oueijan “Byron’s Virtual Tour of Lebanon”

The Official Opening Ceremony
KEYNOTE Lecture, Wednesday May 18, 19:00-20:30, at the Trikoupi Municipal Cultural Center
Introduced by Professor Byron Raizis Professor Malcolm Kelsall, University of Wales Cardiff “Byron and The Odyssey”

Byron Event on Ithaca
The Mesolonghi Byron Society in collaboration with Ithaca Borough and its Mayor Mr. Telemachos Karavias have organized a Byron Event for the island, featuring Professor M. Byron Raizis who will deliver a Greek lecture on “Lord Byron and Ithaca” 

Rodanthi-Rosa Florou, President of the Organizing Committee
Professor Peter W. Graham, Director of International Relations of the Messolonghi Byron Center
Professor M. Byron Raizis, Joint President of the International Byron Society
Professor Malcolm Kelsall, University of Wales Cardiff
Professor Naji Oueijan, Notre Dame University of Lebanon