15th International Student Byron Conference

General theme: “Byron, Shelley, Philhellenism, and Revolution”
23-28 May 2022
Messolonghi, Greece

The Messolonghi Byron Society
Messolonghi Byron Research Center

When originally planned, during the lead-in to the bicentennial commemorations of the Greek War of Independence, the International Student Byron Conference aimed to center on Byron’s involvement in Philhellenism and the Greek Revolution, to which he devoted his fortune and the last year of his life. Byron was the most famous of the several hundred Philhellenic volunteers who risked everything and in many cases gave their lives in the service of a foreign conflict. They came from all parts of the European continent, from Great Britain, and from the United States of America. Behind the volunteers in the field were many more activists who stayed in their own countries but were highly successful in promoting public support for the cause and raising funds to support the insurgent Greeks. But the coronavirus pandemic intervened, and the conference was postponed.

Now its academic committee is pleased to announce a rescheduling for May 2022. All participants whose abstracts had previously been accepted and who have indicated their interest in attending the rescheduled event will be eligible to present in May 2022.